All VIPA PLCs are programmable with STEP®7 from Siemens or with WinPLC7, the programming tool from Vipa. The VIPA systems 300S are designed for compatibility with the S7-300® range
from Siemens.
The Vipa PLCs offer significantly higher processing capabilities to its rivals, oftern being between x10 to x30 times faster than conventional PLCs. Many of the Vipa I/O modules are directly
compatible with the S7-300
® range from Siemens, with simple installation and configuration into existing racks or new machines.

Compact automation systems - System 100V
Modular automation systems - System 200V
Central and decentral automation systems - System 300V
High speed automation systems - System 300S
PC control systems - System 500S
Operation and observation modules - Line Displays (CC 03, OP 03, TD 03), Touch Panels
System components for S7-300/400 from Siemens
Software for programming, parameterization etc.
Accessories for MPI, Profibus-DP, plugs, rails etc.

Comprehensive system solutions for your automation tasks:

System 100V - Compact control system
System 200V - Modular control system
System 300V - Central and decentral control system
System 300S - High-speed control system
System 400V - Modules for application in the S7-400 from Siemens
System 500V - Slot-PLC
HMI panels (Human Machine Interface)

  • All VIPA systems are programmable with STEP®7 from Siemens or with WinPLC7, the programming tool from VIPA. The VIPA systems 300S and 300V are designed for compatibility to
    ® from Siemens enabling mixed operation, e. g. with CPUs from VIPA and modules from Siemens.

Systems 100V, 200V, 300V and 300S offer solutions for centralized and decentralized applications. For centralized use a variety of CPUs is available. Depending on the type, the CPUs of systems
200V, 300V and 300S are equipped with an integrated CP 343 for communication via Ethernet.

As a standard, the CPUs in system 300S are equipped with an Ethernet Interface for PG/OP communication. For decentral applications, CPUs with integrated Profibus DP SlaveInterface as well as
ProfibusDP, CAN, INTERBUS, Ethernet and DeviceNetSlaveFieldbusCoupler are available.

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