Company Profile

drawTREND Limited was founded in 1988 by Kevin and Beverley Stone to service and supply integrated automation systems.
As a company drawTREND Limited can supply complete control solutions to a wide range of industrial process and manufacturing applications.
Our strength lies in our versatilty and experience, both in the United Kingdom and Overseas, in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Iron, Steel, Paper, Food and Beverage Industries.
Our mission has always been to achieve benefits for our customers by reducing waste, improving efficiency and virtually eradicating downtime by using the latest technology and software.
Problem solving has always been our strength and having the ability and experience to select and apply the technology which best meets the needs of the problem at hand.

The most effective engineering solutions are developed from a full understanding of our clients requirements.
drawTREND proceed to start a project with a detailed, computer aided, structured analysis of the users requirement specification (URS).
This enables us to produce a detailed specification which defines the functional requirements and methods of implementation and design models of the process and its sub-systems.
Implementation of the design is ultimately achieved by using the latest computer based tools and techniques plus experienced programmers with process knowledge.

We have successfully installed some of the most comprehensive control systems in the United Kingdom with the wolrds leading PLC, SCADA/MMI products. Our expertise in this area, allows us to build solutions which are not only easier to use, but which can also lead directly to more efficient performance and better decision making.

We can provide a complete range of services from conceptual design and preliminary costings to a full scale project implementation.
We often work as an integral part of a clients management/project team, providing their engineering and production staff with technical support, including site supervision, testing and commissioning services.

Our involvement does not end at the point of customer hand over. We will provide a full range of ongoing technical support services, ensuring customers past and present maximise the benefits of the control systems installed.
Depending on customers special requirements, we can provide technical maintenance on a cal-out or full cover basis. We also offer bespoke training programmes, from basic through to advanced level for all grades of personnel.

The provision of the latest technology in both software and hardware from the global market enables us to provide a single solution to the ever increasing demands of the control and automation industry.

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