In the manufacturing process data exists everywhere. However there is cost in accessing it, sometimes there is a fear about knowing exactly what is happening and sometime ignorance convinces managers that everything is working as planned. The most pro-active manufacturers have passed through this phase and are now converting this data into useful information and making it work for their own benefit. This information can make a difference in planning, quality, production management, product tracking, energy usage, maintenance and meeting legislation.

The data firstly has to be acquired and then presented in an easy format to the right people. drawTREND Lmited knowledge of control systems means that we can easily access the appropriate data from the process. Our business managers are able to liaise with the client and our MES team are able to process and present the data. The acquired data is stored in a real-time database and powerful reporting tools convert the data to useful information, displayed how, where and when you need it

Flexibility in the modern manufacturing environment is an essential differentiator between the successful business, the mere survivors and the losers. We produce real-time information from live and changing data directly from the PLCs, SCADA and HMI displays in the plant. The data may be obtained from differing vendor's equipment, with differing structures and programming. Capley Marker specialises in bringing together hybrid manufacturing processes and providing a single, functionally specific view of the whole plant with the right information to the right people to give them the flexibility to adapt to the changing world.

Information for specialists in production planning, operation, quality, maintenance, and utility usage are all obtained from various sources and delivered through easily understandable reports, dashboards and web browsers. drawTREND Limited information is timely and current placing you in control. If you’re not currently in this position please call us and arrange to talk to one of our business advisors.